5 Types of high-converting landing pages that most businesses typically use for Digital Marketing

1. Click through Landing Pages-
One of the simplest forms of landing pages used in online marketing, their sole purpose is to offer an on-site visit with all the necessary information regarding a product, service, or offer.

2. Lead Capture Landing Pages-
The core purpose of lead capture landing pages is to collect visitor data and create a bank of prospects for the marketing and sales team. A good lead capture landing page doesn’t have any exit paths from the page.

3. Viral Landing Pages-
These pages are ones that help businesses to promote their brand through word-of-mouth marketing. The goal behind having these landing pages is not just to get more visitors to sign up, but also to spread the word (to friends, family members, and peers) about what they’ve found.

4. Microsites-
A microsite is a subset that acts as a supplementary website to a fairly large website. These landing pages normally have their own vanity URLs related to the relevance and timing of the campaign.

5. Unsubscribe Landing Pages-
It’s a page that assures customers they’ve successfully unsubscribed from one or more of your services. It serves a purpose opposite to other landing pages. However, you can use this unaided page to your leverage. Besides providing assurance, you can use the page to give users an opportunity to manage their preferences.