6 Tips to Effectively Utilize SEO Testing

1.Changes in Titles & Meta Descriptions
Title tags and meta descriptions are a big deal for the users, as they are confronted with different titles and descriptions on the SERPs and then on your actual webpage.


2.Changes in Header Tags
Header tags are crucial in making an impactful first impression on a user. But that’s not the only thing they’re helpful in. Header tags also inform the search engines about the main subject and type of content on your webpage.


3.Changes in Content Copy
Visual representation of the content can be eye-catching and a very effective way of getting the interest of the users. However, you must also carry out image optimization to ensure that your webpage’s loading time is as optimized for the users as possible.


4.Adding Videos
Videos are the most consumed form of content in today’s age. You can leverage this fact and start adding relevant videos that relate to the content on your webpages. Google’s algorithms will also consider this while ranking your webpages.


5.Changes in Date Stamp
Removing the date stamps from the URLs of previously published blogs can be very helpful in improving their ranking. For instance, if you have a permalink to a blog you published 2 years ago, changing the permalink settings might cause a redirect error.