What is AMP

AMP: What are AMP and its Benefits

Amp stands for accelerated mobile page data designed to give users fast speed and the best experience at the search time. It provides the distribution of paragraphs or content on the web without using a specific app or platform. It consumes less data than any other search engine or site. It also has a higher advertising viewability. It enhances the experiences of the users or visitors of the website. It also saves time for the users that they used in downloading an app or visiting any website. Whenever the user wants to download any Video Music or images, he can do it directly on that page. It also provides a source page link of the website to visit that website for further information or data. It also helps in earning some revenue from the website.

It consumes less time and gives the exact or similar result of any particular website or content. It includes many platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, or Google, which is very beneficial for any website or content publisher. If your mobile sites are working slowly and taking much time to download, you can use this for better optimization, and it will be the best option in this situation.

The most significant advantage of using amps is its speed if your website performs very slow and takes much time in loading. Then if you use it, you will see an instant improvement in the speed of your website. When you use amps on your mobile site, you can have fake, fraud and copy articles and phishing clickbait. So it is also the disadvantage of using amps for search or investigation for something significant. Whenever you choose amp, then the amp viewer dilutes the brand identity Because when it shows the result, it does not show the address bar of the website. It only shows the Google domain so that it can create a little bit of confusion in the user’s mind, so it can be a disadvantage if it

There are various benefits of Using amps for your business. It is an open-source initiative that is great for improving the Internet experience by decreasing the loading times of web pages. Some of its benefits are shown below, Which help you to understand the AMP more clearly.


  • Growth in traffic and SEO ranking

The best way to attract users to the website and engage significant traffic on the website is to enhance users’ web experience. Amp did the same thing for the users: It gave attention to the lightweight webpage or content that takes minimum time to load and consumes less user data. So to enhance the experience or get the users’ attention on a website and last for a more extended period.


  • Low bounce rate and more time on site

When your website takes less time than any other website, the visitor stays on the website for a long time because your website provides fast speed. A study says that Those websites use amps, then their bounce rate decreases and the user spends twice As much time on a page. If you want to improve the customer experience, always give faster load times and provide the best product visualization.


  • The potential for increased ad views

It is also one of the advantages of the amp is that the code which is using in it can enhance Use of banners and images on a website. So the publisher can monetize their sites with a higher ad viewability rate. If the website’s publisher uses it, he or she can maximize its revenue from the site. A study says that when the publisher uses an amp on their website, then the income from the website increases six from the last payment.


  • Being featured on the Google search top stories carousel leads to a higher click-through rate (CTR)

It is one of the most significant advantages of using an amp is that it shows the page is only Google search top stories carousel. Whenever the users or visitors search for something on the Internet, then the website appears at the top of the pages, so the user will click first on that site from any other website. Their website also ranks on the first page of Google due to the fastest load time And engaged large traffic on their website.


  • Loads webpage faster

The amp is not used as a ranking factor on Google, but it loads web pages faster than any other app or website. It enhances the customer’s experiences and saves them most of the time that they waste on irrelevant searches On the Internet.


  • Easy to operate

AMP is straightforward to operate from any other search engine because it has lots of features and personalization settings to access it easily. it doesn’t have any heavy applications or tools that can confuse the Visitor. Any person can operate it without any trouble.


  • Flexibility

It is very flexible and helps in monetizing your pages or website without any distractions or hurdles. A study says that in AMP, six times lighter codes are used from any other site’s codes.

Apart from this, there are also many benefits of using amps, but these are the top benefits. Andy’s website publisher that doesn’t have an amp then also gives attention to creating mobile-friendly pages and offers a better experience to the customers. Many websites are developing their versions of the amp to rank on Google and provide a better website experience to the users and attract more traffic on their website. If you are still in doubt about AMP pages, then think again, it can increase your website ranking and if your website is Lagging, it can improve its performance.