Branding & Designing

Branding v/s designing – How growth is affected by them?

Branding is a bad word. It is often misunderstood and misused by the owner and the people of the company. Some people consider it as a new logo; others use it as a means of advertisement. However, it is very important to know the difference between branding and designing and find out how they affect the growth of your company. Hence, we dive in the discussion which is quite basic. But you will be surprised to know that a lot of projects suffer because of the lack of clarification. Acknowledging this difference is a major step in making a visual identity of your company which is strategically informed and beautiful.

Graphic design is the central nervous system

When you think about what creates a brand, it is obvious, to begin with, visual cues such as logo design, headers, website, and your business card. In reality, they are the very nerve of what leads to a strong brand image. Professional designers are your visual identity guardians who take care to ensure that every element right from typography, color and shape and of course the logo is appealing and consistent in every environment. When done correctly graphic design ascertains that all is cohesive and at the right place like a fully functioning nervous system!

Branding is the soul

But, when you consider the other aspect, a business cannot run on the nervous system, it needs soul. And, branding is the soul of your nervous system. It is everything from how you make your customer executive system answers the queries of your clients to the stock photography to represent your sales stock. Branding is the action of your company and the art of branding is all about making the motion as deliberate and sophisticated as possible.

Branding and graphic design are linked. Aesthetics are just nothing when you don’t have a full-proof strategy and a comprehensive strategy means nothing when you don’t have the ability to express it. Thus, a business-advertising agency should balance both the forces well. Often, it means selecting between something appealing and something objective. So, in a perfect world, you will surely achieve the best of both the world, but in a rational sense, every decision should be made by adding depth to your design and brand.

Function vs. Aesthetics

But, how do surf between these difficult situations? It can very critical especially when around 80% of entrepreneurs have an opinion that business branding and graphic design are similar. Though the creative decisions will be subjective, it is essential to know that branding goes ahead than visual display. It tackles the complete customer experience on different standards, dimensions as well as senses. Irrespective of how technological or granular, no graphic is just a logo. It is more of an interlinked system which is involved in active communication with your prospective consumers.

Simply stated, graphic design feeds your brand which ultimately feeds your business. So, when your visual elements are competing with each other. And, you can only win when you get the max customer attention.

Great branding is the result of great design, but great design isn’t the result of a great brand. Yes, design proves to be a major part of branding. Your colors, fonts, logo lay the foundation of a reputed brand. Yes, they are the building blocks of a growing business. A logo doesn’t create a brand no does any particular color or font does. A brand is more of the desired perspective and design elements are equipment used to make that perception. But, it doesn’t mean a great designer can be a great branding professional too. However, in some cases, you can get the best services in your favor from one place also.

Just like, you need an architect and contractor to create a house, creating a company demands similar work. Designers are the contractors who take the blueprint from the architect and build the house as per the plan. They make use of the tools to bring the brand to your company. But they are not your brand’s creator.

When you choose a branding agency to advertise my business, it creates the desired perception to offer branding promise, positioning, photos, color, design elements, and fonts. The agency ensures that all the parts of your brand are cohesive and work together harmoniously. A lot of agencies handle the task of graphic design and branding in the house for synergy and clearer communication in order to execute the brand vision efficiently

A lot of agencies have a high-level marketing strategy for your brand to make it stand out from the competition and resonate with your target audience. So, when building your brand, ensure you are working with a company that has expertise in branding and not just graphic design so you have a company with a sturdy foundation and not just a name which looks pretty.