Everyday robots txt mistakes people make and how to avoid them

The Robot TXT file is generally a type of text file, And search engines scrutinize it. It is the outcome of an agreement between previous search engine developers. This is not necessary to follow it because it is not the guidelines of any standard organization, but most Search engines are clinging to it. It is one of the main parts From which we can tell our search engine where it can or can’t visit your website. If you are going to change your robot TXT file, you must care a lot Because a single change can harm your whole website.

If you have a question in your mind that where you should put your robot text, then here is the answer that is always put on the origin of your domain name. You also must have extra effort in your name because if it is not catchy and attractive, it won’t work for you. It also helps you in the management of your crawl budget. It is beneficial to block Some sites to crawl because you can hide your site that is not good as others and required a lot of Clean up.

There are many tools available in the market that we can use to validate our robot text. And with it, we can check the accuracy of our text. There is also a tool provided by Google that is used by 1users worldwide. All the professionals and experts in SEO used it and also recommended it for their websites. Always view your sites after all the changes or variations because if you mistakenly press any wrong button, your whole website can be blocked permanently.

These are some common mistakes that are then five people, And we would like to provide some tips that help you avoid that mistakes and ensure that your website crawls the pages you want to crawl.


  • Not repeating general user – Agent directive in specific user – agents block

Search engine bots are attached with that user who is the closest or nearest matched user. The agents that the user and the remaining agent’s block will be disregarded and ignored. One of the best and renowned search engines called Google, used a single rule for their site. The Google bots mainly declare that.


  • One robot TXT files For different subdomains

You must have to keep one thing in mind that the subdomain websites are treated like other Or separate websites. It follows their own robots text directives. If your website has some domains serving different purposes, you can add them to your parts robots txt file to make it simpler for you. Still, it is not as simple because every subdomain has its txt file then you must have to create a robot text file for each subdomain.


  • Listing of secure directories

Robot TXT is easily accessible for users or website creators, so anyone Can take advantage of it because many bots are available on the Internet searching for any website that they can hack. It is a competitive market, and no one is ideal in this world, or once you refuse or reject any private data in your text, you invite bad bots towards your website. If you want to secure your robot text, you must connect it with a password. It is the best way to ensure your Robot txt from hackers.

  • Blocking relevant pages

A person who maintains a website can mistakenly or fortuitously close profitable or fruitful pages with the anomaly of wild cards. This way is utilized to equivalent the starting of URL.

Two slashes detach distinct category of URL in our illustration. We appeal not to crawl the entire content. If we put just one tear after refuse, we block all links which start with the vital amalgamation of sign and symbols.

  • forgetting to add directive for specific bot where it’s needed

Many websites developed many pages to crawl, but some of their content may not be appropriate for incorporation on SERP. If you desired that all pages you create will appear on Google search, but you want to hide all the graphs from it, you could use the robot text so your user will not view that image on your page.


  • Adding the relative path to the sitemap

It is like a blue flight that helps The search engine assist in finding your page, and it also aware it from your website pages or content. Therefore, it makes the process faster, which is the only reason that it should be suggested on our website. It is also beneficial for search bots in robot txt to easily update your sitemap wherever it is placed.


  • Ignoring slash in a Disallow field

If you forget a slash in any of your correspond put, then the search bot would not give any attention to it. So always tried to keep every single in your mind whenever you are working on robot text.


  • Forgetting about case sensitivity

Popular search engine name Google suggests that must have used more minor characters in the place of the real name in it, But you have to keep one thing in mind that no other character matches with the same URL Because if it happens then, the robot txt will not show the desired result.


  • Wrapping up

The robot text is not an easy task. One excess or extra slash, or if you forget any wild card, can ruin your whole website. So it would help if you had to give additional supervision and guidance in it.

If you are making these mistakes, then stop them right now. It can harm your whole website, and use these steps to make your website more efficient and relevant.