Google’s Core Web Vitals

Everything to Know About Google’s Core Web Vitals

What are Google’s core web vitals? Well, it is a specific factor that is very important to make the user experience more interesting while using google and it is also considered as an important webpage by google. Core web vitals is a part of a webpage and it mainly works for improving page experience. Do you know that core web vitals are made up of three specific pages, no? okay, let me explain to you about these three pages. This is for sure that after having a look at the points which we have mentioned down, you will know every single thing which you have to know about Google’s web vitals. But before explaining these three points we are going to discuss why web core vitals are important, let’s have a look.

This is introduced because Google can try to improve page experience an official Google ranking factor and there is not any doubt in saying Google’s core web vitals will make the biggest changes to the in-page experience. we would like to inform you that page experience score won’t take you to number one on google but this will help you to reach top results on google. If the page is interesting and attractive then the users will also get the WOW factor which is somewhere really very important. But if you will improve it then it’s going to work more efficiently, that’s why we have broken down all three types of Google’s core web vitals, Keep on reading.



Largest Contentful Paint: -Largest Contentful Paint: – LCP largest contentful paint, is a process of how much time it will take to open a page after clicking on a link and if we tell you in simple words then it is a time from users’ point of view that when a user clicks on some link then in how much time the page will display on the screen. The largest contentful paint is very different from other web page speed measurements.


As other web page speed metrics don’t show that actually how a user feels to open a webpage, the largest contentful paint shows the experience of users and other webpage metrics don’t. You can also check out your LCP score by visiting a page called Google Page Speed Insights. This page will also tell you one interesting thing like how your page is performing in the real world. If you visit this page Google Page speed Insights will break down the speed of your webpage into three parts such as, Good, needs improvement, or poor. With that, you can also improve your LCP speed by doing some things. Like, remove all third-party scripts because due to research google found that every single third-party script makes the web page slow down. For improving speed, you can also upgrade your web host. Rather than this set up lazy loading or remove big page elements.


First input delay

First input delay: – Now we are going to have a look at the second core web vitals, FID first input delay. So, now your webpage has achieved the LCP as we discussed above but the question which comes to mind is, is a user interacting with your page? Well, this is FID, the exact time which users take to interact with your webpage, we hope you got our point.



So, it’s basically a page speed score, where you are going to measure the time which users take to do something on your page and for improving FID, first input delay you can minimize JavaScript because it’s impossible for a user to do something while your page is loading up. Next, the same as FCP removes all third-party scripts because it will create a negative impact on FID. For improving the speed, you can also use browser cache, this helps your content load faster and users are going to interact with your page faster.



Cumulative layout shiftCumulative layout shift: – Let us make you clear what is CLS, it’s like how stable your page is looking while loading (visual stability). Like if the element or ads of your page will continuously move then it is a sign of high CLS, which is bad for any user. Here are some of the basic points by which you can make your webpage as stable as possible soon.



You can use set size dimension for all the media, you have to make sure that the ads of your page and other elements have their reserved place for it, otherwise, it will going do display suddenly on a screen and the content which user is reading will fly or ads will push content down or up and after that user will quit your page right over there. if you don’t want the ads or elements to push the content down then you can add new UI elements below the fold for the improvement in it.