Five best hit map tools for a CEO, analyzing the comparison

Five Best Hit Map Tools for SEO, Analyzing The Comparison

For business people who are the owners of our website, There is nothing better than knowing how their audience interacts in their business and how they show their interest in their business.

If you are a businessman or know little about the SEO field, then May you have heard about the word insights.


Every single business person who is running their business nowadays want to have better insights into how their visitors interacting with their business and how they’re using their business, as tracking how their audience or interacting with their business is the key to the success of the online business, that’s why most of the business man’s want to know this more effectively, and for this heat, map tools are the best option.


However, analyzing the insights of visitors was a little tricky sometimes when hit map tools were not introduced, but with these SEO-friendly heat map tools, it has become too easy; you won’t believe that it has become as easy as a cakewalk.


Let us inform you that subscription boxes or ads are the best things to attract visitors on a vast number, and for this, you need enough data, but how will you get that data? Well, heat Maps has the proper solution. in this blog post, we will inform you of the top five best hit map tools for SEO, which will help you get the insights of your visitors more smartly without any inconveniences.


Crazy egg

we want to tell you that a crazy egg is one of the tremendous unique heat map tools, which will help you get detailed information about how your customers behave with your website or the blog you have published. This heat map tool will give all the control off your online business website in your hand; You have to put your strategy in your business with the help of these practical tools.

One of the most exciting things about this tool is that crazy eggs will allow you to see what kind of users are coming to your website and where they are coming from. It is effortless and straightforward to add this tool to your website, or you can say to use this tool if this is SEO friendly.



The best word to derive this hit map tool is professionalism is. This will allow you to inspect your website and the insights of your user in a more professional way. In this present time, there are numbers hit map tools exist but inspect is considered as one of the best heatmap tools as compared to other ones, as this will make you able to track every single movement of your users like where the user moves their mouse, where they do the clicks, how much does scroll and so on. Apart from all these things, this heat map tool is also known for offering session recording, form analytics, and essential heat Maps. Inspect let also offers conversion funnel analytics with the fantastic, effective, and most robust filtering functionality and feature that would help you to optimize your lead generation in your way as well.




Clicktale is another best heatmap tool, that’s why we prefer to mention that in these top five best heatmap tools for SEO. The defeat map tool offers various excellent heatmap analytics of the audience and lets the owner know how to convert that particular audience and customers within a limited timeframe. With the help of this heat map tool, you can organize a powerful session recording and grab the benefits of detailed heatmap analytics, this will allow you to do that most smoothly in no time.


Besides, all the things or this heat map tool will also offer the most useful something like it provides integration with some other effective analytics, which you can use to take your business website to the peak level of success. In its feature list, it contains numerous functionalities and benefits for the owner of a business website.



Let us tell you that this heatmap tool has more than a lakh satisfied customers, who are taking many types of benefits from it.

But this tool is only for the marketers or the businessmen who are serious in their business and want actual growth because it helps to understand what visitors want and for what they’re looking at your website and allows you to take action towards it. This will help you keep your eye on the visitor movement at your website, but apart from this, it will also let you know how you can increase the growth of your business website.


This will let you know each and everything you have to know as an online businessman most simply and quickly.

Well, this heat map tool will not charge you much in this starting plan, but as you will start using its more features and over a wide range it will be pretty expensive for you but believe me it will worth, no doubt in this.



In the whole market off heat map tools, you will find that heatMaps. It is one of the easiest or budget-friendly Heatmap tools, it is easy to install on your website and it is a type of heat map tool that is packed with a code of JavaScript that loads your website not at the same time without slowing it down.

Compared to all the heat Maps out there that exist in this SEO field, This one offers the real-time or live insights of users at your website.

If you have started your business recently and want natural or quick growth, then this will be the best option for you, as the plans of that particular heat map tool will fit in your pocket. We are going to work for you in a much effective way.


Don’t you worry about privacy, all these five tools we have mentioned as great safety precautions to keep every piece of data private and don’t let unnecessary data on your website? This will keep away your website from all these fake and wrong things; by using these heatmap tools, you can grab several opportunities and benefits.