Mixed Content Issue

How to Solve Mixed Content Issue on Your website

There are millions of websites available on the internet. They provide various types of information to the users. There is plenty of content on the internet, but sometimes their websites show ‘not secure’ warnings even though they also have valid SSL certificates. This problem can create when there is a problem of mixed content on their website, in this secure or non-secure content mix. This can also be made when images, videos, media, or characters are provided through anxious resources.


If you want to check the mixed content on your website, you can search for any topic on your website. If it shows ‘not secure,’ then your site is affected by mixed content. If it has occurred on your website, then the first step you have to take is to check the SSL certificate of your website. If you don’t know, then how do you do that? Then first open your website and then click on the lock button; after it, you have to click the certificate, now all the information related to SSL is in front of you. If all the things are right in the SSL certificate, then it will create puzzlement in our minds. Now we will check our website for that we have to go to the same website again, and then press ctrl shift+ I on the keyboard, after that click on the security tab, if you do any changes, then you have to refresh your page after that you can press the view request in network panel after its console illustrates us all the non-secure link that is running on our websites.


Google is the most renowned search engine all over the world. In recent times Google gives lots of efforts to avoid mixed content on websites. If any websites have some HTTP sources, then they will automatically be converted into HTTP sources. The only things matter for Google are visitors experienced on websites. They do not compromise on the security or safety of visitors’ documents or information. They spend millions for the protection of their users’ data or any confidential form; there are a billion people in the world who are successfully using Google for their transactions; if any misleading is done through any sites, then this will raise questions on its safety measures and genuineness.


If you don’t want to do all these steps, there are also many SSL checker applications or tools to help you identify non-secure resources or any mixed content on your website. These tools do not give precise results; they can be wrong in some cases. You can use it for a preliminary study.


You can solve many tricks, but if you want to solve this issue manually and don’t know how to resolve the mixed content on your website, you can follow these simple steps.


Always run your website through a spider; it is a search engine, which stores data for the search engine to index. After it, you have to recognize all the URLs running on your website and ensure that all the URLs are in HTTPS form. If you got any kind of HTTP content, find its source where it comes from without delay. All the images, data writing, videos, and any types of media available on your website are changed into HTTP form so it would be secure from any non-secure resources.


We can also use application tools to check all the non-secure resources but manually checking would be the best and reliable option.


It is crucial to fix the mixed content of your website because it generates risk for users and websites. It can deteriorate the protection of our website. Website visitors will also lose interest in the websites. Because its data can easily be stolen by any hackers, so no one wants to give its personal information or details to outsiders. Many transactions of your website can be canceled due to this mixed content; for example, you are trying to join the online classes and give your bank details to the website, and suddenly, the message of ‘not secure’ will be visible on your desktop screen, after which visitors will be afraid and cancel its transactions.

Mixed content is also harmful to any SEO because you cannot get a high ranking of your website if you don’t have an SSL certificate. Secure content is the most vital part of the ranking factor from which to get its order. Suppose any SEO wants to run successfully on the websites. In that case, they must have to work on their security because if their competitors have secured networks and mixed content-free sites, most people went to them; no one wants vulnerable areas.

In the whole paragraph, one thing is repeating: is an SSL certificate, then what is SSL? It is generally a Secure Sockets Layer. It is used to keep the vital information propel transversely on the internet encrypted, so with the help of this, only planned or deliberate receiver uses it. When we send any information on the internet, it travels from many computers after reaching the receiver point. No one can hack that information or data to avoid that problem. We can use this. It keeps our transactions secure on the internet.


The second term repeating in these paragraphs is HTTP; it is a secure hypertext protocol; it is a protected edition of HTTP. It is a mixture of two programs that is HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) and SSL (secure sockets layer). It encrypted our transactions between the website and the browser.

Hopefully, you get some idea about mixed content and how to solve this issue on your website. If you use these steps to resolve the diverse range, you will free your website from this non-secure data.