Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

What is Pay per Click Model?

PPC is a model of Digital Marketing in which we pay each time for our ads whenever someone clicks or get impressions. PPC is a method of buying targeted audience to visit our website. Google AdWords is one of the most popular and reliable forms of PPC. It allows the user to run different types of Campaign like Search Ad, Display Ad, Shopping Ad, and Video Ads.

How PPC Helps our Business?

Pay per click enables us to design a successful campaign as per our requirement. If we want to drive Sales online, in-app, by phone, or in store. We can run different campaigns like Search, Display and Shopping Ads. If we want to generate leads and Website Traffic to get the right people to visit our website, we can optimize the Campaign as per our need. In addition, we can also go for Video Ads; in this case, we get more visibility to the online world.

Google AdWords helps us in optimizing our Ads in such a way that it encourages people to explore our products or services, and helps in increasing brand awareness. Here we can run our campaign with Display and Video Ads. Not only this, we can promote our Apps to get more installs and interactions for our app by running the Universal App Campaign. Moreover, if we are not satisfied with all these features, we can create our campaign with custom goal’s guidance; this platform gives us the way to construct a campaign step-by-step without a goal’s recommendations.

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