Top 5 most used PHP framework in 2021

What is the PHP framework?

personal home page PHP framework is a platform that is used to develop PHP web applications. Generally, the PHP framework provides the code for functions and the PHP framework also helps in cutting down the original amount of writing codes you need to write. Hope you got it.

As per our experience and skills, we have listed a breakdown about Top 5 most used PHP frameworks in 2021. So, keep your eyes on our blog, and let’s have a look at the most used PHP framework in 2021.


Laravel PHP frameworkLaravel: – Did you ever heard about the Laravel PHP framework? Let me inform you, Laravel is one of the most popular and at the same time most used PHP frameworks. Laravel PHP framework was officially released in 2011, by Taylor Otwell and with the thousands of updates or installations now it has become the world’s most popular and most used PHP framework. Laravel framework is basically based on MVC architecture. We would like to tell you that it uses its own language called Blade, which plays an important role in creating HTML layout easily. Do you know why Laravel is the most used PHP framework? Because it is a great career starting point for beginners, who are newly entered in this field or the reason is its great documentation or large community. Another reason for its popularity is, it contains all features which advanced application may need, rather than this Laravel is also highly robust and extremely secure.


SymfonySymfony: – Symfony is a mature PHP framework, which comes on the second number when it comes to the most used PHP framework in 2021. Apart from being a second most used PHP framework, Symfony also comes in a count of reusable components. Like it can be used in any of the PHP framework projects. Symphony has also become popular because of its feature, large community, and robustness. Symfony has the capability to perform a task in web development projects where predictability, smoothness functions, support, and optimization are needed. Symfony PHP framework also has multiple drivers for large-scale databases, which makes it a great choice for large-scale projects as well. Maintaining any kind of web development project is much easier with symphony because It has a well-designed and effective codebase. Its mature framework will also provide you with long-term support.



PhalconPhalcon: – Let me tell you the Phalcon PHP framework is the most interesting and effective framework, apart from being the third most used PHP framework in 2021. Do you know the reason behind it? Well, the reason is that the Phalcon framework is not used to writing in PHP but it is always delivered in extension written C. So, does this mean that you need to write C yourself or not? Of course not, it will handle all this as it is incredibly fast. Phalcon can even manage more than one request per second than another framework. Along with its fast or you can say incredibly fast performance, Phalcon offers many features like ORM caching, templating, or security. Phalcon PHP framework is most considered to be used when high performance is needed in any project. Most large-scale enterprises used to prefer falcons in their projects. One of the most useful benefits of using falcon is that it adds low overhead in applications.


CodeIgniterCodeIgniter: – CodeIgniter is also an MVC framework that uses other PHP frameworks which directly help the expert web developers in creating the new project rapidly. The interesting thing about CodeIgniter is that it’s not a framework full of restrictions, it can be easily used as a toolkit that speeds up development. All the CodeIgniter features are clearly packed in a group and can be used in a more flexible way rapidly anytime. CodeIgniter can be used by both the large-scale and small-scale industry for building lightweight and easily functional web applications. CodeIgniter has a fabulous performance like out of the box, fast loading of pages and at the same time, it requires much less time in the optimization. CodeIgniter contains one of the most interesting benefits such as, in all the PHP framework MVC pattern is enforced but in this, you can choose any designs and pattern.


YII frameworkYII framework: – Yii is most used in the development of applications on top of the Personal home page PHP. It is based on both the MVC and OOP patterns or it’s mostly focused on core functionality. Well, the Yii framework is considered one of the fastest frameworks by professionally expert web developers.

So, these are the top five most used PHP frameworks in 2021. There are many other PHP frameworks. You can search for them, but the five which we have mentioned in our most used PHP framework in 2021 are the top five most used frameworks and most popular frameworks of 2021. We hope you liked it.