What Are Negative Keywords?


Negative keywords used for making PPC (pay per click) or for making PPC effective. In this blog, you are going to read what exactly negative keywords is and how it can be a boost. Let me tell you first what negative keywords. It is totally like a gatekeeper, who takes care of your business website and ensures that none of any fake or wrong adds or any other stuff is going through your website. But before you need to tell your gatekeeper what is wrong or what is right. that’s why you need to add negative keywords to your PPC account and those negative keywords will stop the wrong stuff from coming to your PPC account. Like, let me explain to you in more simple words. In case you will add negative keywords “orange” then you add never going to show in search results, whenever any of the users search anything which contains the word “orange”.

Negative keywords will directly be going to block the exact word, which you have chosen and never let your PPC account show over the search engine results when anyone searches any line which contains that exact word which you considered as a negative word. But now we are going to tell you why you should have to use negative keywords. There are mainly three reasons which we are going to tell you that why you have to use negative keywords and this will also cut your advertising cost, suddenly increase your CTR (click-through rate), it also directly drives traffic to your ads or PPC account and more.


  • Cut down your advertising cost: – firstly you have to use negative keywords because it will suddenly cut down your advertisement cost and let me tell you negative keywords also helps to prevent your ads and all to save by an unprofessional and unqualified audience. If you will manage your negative keyword then it will reduce your overall paid search cost. This will increase your CTR click-through rate and quality score and reduce them and reduce the PPC Pay Per Click rate.
  • Increase your every single click-through rate: – click-through rate is several clicks like how many times you add is visible and how many times it gets clicked by users. Somewhere click-through rate CTR is very important because it is directly going to create an impact on quality score. If your PPC gets a higher click then your quality score will increase and once your quality score will increase then automatically it will allow you to improve the position of your ad and maintain a lower cost. So, if you use negative keywords on your ads campaign or a group add then it will improve your click-through rate.
  • Exclusion of irrelevant traffic: – if you want to reduce the traffic on your PPC account and then you have to use negative keywords on your account. Let me tell you how negative keywords will going to reduce the irrelevant traffic, as you know that if you selected one keyword and you suggested that particular keyword as a negative keyword if any user searches for the sentence which contains the word which you have selected as a negative keyword then your account will not be going to display in search engine results. This will reduce traffic. A negative keyword will allow you to show you add on lower quality traffic by blocking bad keywords.


It’s time to tell you how you can add both negative keywords and multiple negative keywords to your Google ads.


For the negative keyword: – First, select one particular keyword which you want to add to your ads. Then click on add negative keyword after clicking you will see two options ads group negative keyword or campaign negative keyword select one of them. select the negative keyword destination and click on OK and you will see that your negative keyword is added to the google ads.

We hope that our blog will become beneficial for you and hope you got the right answer to your question of what exactly negative keywords are. Here is everything which you need to know before using a negative keyword for your ads. So use negative keywords in your google ads and grab the benefits of using it.