google panda by ecoseoexperts


Before informing anything about the Google panda, let me tell you that what is the main reason for introducing it, in past times when Google panda was not introduced most of the high-quality websites were diminished and low-quality websites will show up in top results. But now it makes many changes on Google, now all the high quality and responsive website will display on top results of organic Google search.

Google Panda was introduced on February 23, 2011, and now we can see numerous improvements. So, the main purpose of introducing Google pandas is to reduce the amount of low-quality content or websites, thin type content in organic search results, compelling and high-quality websites and all. From 2011 when it was introduced Google panda has released about 25 to 30 updates. Google panda mainly targets few websites which contain this kind of problem.


  • Thin content: – Web pages with relevant text, like numerous pages explaining one health issue with a similar sentence on each page, Google panda will improve it and never let any of the users make this mistake.
  • Duplicate content: – When it was not introduced, many issues were created related to copied content such as copied content appeared over the internet on more than one web page or website. it can also happen with you like someone can copy your attractive and informative content and they can paste it in their website or any other places over the internet. But now you don’t have to worry about this, because Google panda will take care of this. SEO professionals can even make big changes by using this technique.
  • A website with a bad user experience: – If any of the users will experience bad things after visiting your website, then Google panda will charge a penalty on you. So, you have to be focused all the time while developing your website and don’t take your steps back while investing dollars on your website, because if any of the users will not get the wow factor then they will leave your website within 2 minutes. That’s why your website must look informative and attractive.
  • A website with numerous advertisement: – This will also going to considered bad from the Google panda because a user will not going to like it as all the user who is active over the internet, wants to visit on a website which looks clean and all the user wants a website on which they can read their informative content. But if your website will display more ads then may this disturb them.
  • Poor language, grammar, and spelling: – The grammar, spelling, or bad language can make users’ experience even worse. So, it’s better that you have to hire a well-certified and experienced content writer.


But if you want to recover your website or content from Google panda, then let us help you. Here we make a breakdown of some points which will help you in learning how you can protect your website from Google panda eyes. The first and the basic step that you have to take is, remove all the low-quality content from your website. Before writing content or making a website you should have to think from a user’s point of view about what they are going to like or whatnot. May your user interface or keyword will generate traffic on your website but if your content is not informative or attractive then the users will leave your page, which is not a good thing for any businessman.

In earning a good amount of money don’t let more advertisement companies display their ads on your website because as we mentioned above that this will make the user experience bad. Sit in front of your computer and give some time in finding out the copied sentence or paragraphs on your content because this will create a problem in the future. Rather than this, have a look at spelling or grammar mistakes in your content. Do you know that by these simple mistakes, you can recover your website or content on it from Google panda? Google pandas usually catch these kinds of simple mistakes and these simple mistakes can even make users’ experience worse.