What is Google penalty in SEO

What is Google penalty in SEO

Every single business person out there has their online presence for their business through the website. So what’s the actual growth of their business, and for this, they get SEO done On their website.

This will sometimes lead to mistakes, and for these mistakes, Google charges a high amount of penalties over the website, or if Google finds that mistake harmful for Google, they may ban your website. So it would be best if you stayed away from that particular mistakes, right. So that’s why in this blog post, we’re going to inform you of some Google penalties from which you have to stay away, have a look.

You may be confused between Google algorithm updates and Google penalty, let us make you clear in this, Google penalty is an action which is taken by Google when by mistakenly your website cross the guidelines of Google and on the other hand, google algorithm updates directly create their impact on google search results, hope you got our point, if not then don’t worry keep on reading, we will make you clear with the help of this effective blog post.

Here is the list of Google penalties

  • User-generated spam

The Google penalty happened because the website owner closes the guidelines of Google or a website owner made a mistake. Apart from this, it will also occur when malicious users try to spam your website through relevant links on unnecessary content.

Let us tell you tools website that accept the user-generated spams or contents will surely hit by the google penalty once in their business life. For avoiding this user-generated spam, you can turn off your comment for every individual post and make sure to do a profile or comments moderation before going live. If your website ever gets the Google penalty for user-generated spam, then you should have to do, Identified that is there any spammy content or not on your website, and if you will find that, then remove it as soon as possible.

  • Spam’s hosting service

This penalty only happens due to your host, Who is providing hosting for your website. Your hosting provider is getting spammed continuously by creating the website, closing the guard lines of google. This is the most common problem that is generally or faced mainly by the business website owner taking the free hosting provider services.

Google will discover if any website is using that hosting service provider and are spammy. The action that google will take will be against the hosting service provider, and in this, google will charge a penalty for all the hosted websites out there. So make sure to hire a trusted host who will provide you with a safe or excellent hosting service for your website. If your website gets a penalty from the Google first Premier hosting services, which mainly occurs by taking free hosting services, don’t do whatever you want but change your hosting service provider with the trusted one.

  • Unnatural link from your website or strange link to your website

The market offers you to win against the competitors; most website owners build links over a wide range in quantity. Still, the help of some ask your experts, and this building links or a comprehensive range results in building unnatural links to your website, it can happen it is normal and faced by the many business website owners. So we want to suggest to you some of the things that you should avoid if you don’t want to come in touch of that penalty like you should avoid link exchange schemes, Monitor all the links which you’re building with the help of search console whenever you find any spammy link, remove it right over there, Avoid multiple guest posting you should maintain the excellent ratio of no-follow and do-follow links.

On the other hand, unnatural links from your website happen when we have our abnormal outbound link profile; this one is a little bit different from the above one; the only difference in both of them is, this happens for outgoings links, as you read above and above one happens by building numerous links.

  • Thin or irrelevant content

Before publishing any content over a website, you have to make sure that the content you’re going to post will help your brand don’t contain a relevant word or any spammy things in it.

Otherwise, if Google will detect any negative response from the user for your content, whether it is multiple content issues Or low-quality page issues, Google will charge their penalty on this.

  • Cloaking

if any of the users search for your website over the search engine and get the different contents summer website or you can say it should have set provides additional content to the user, then believe it or not or you may be surprised after listening that, don’t website may get the penalty for this from the Google, Google suggests to show the same contents to both the users in Google boats, so make sure to provide the exact content for both Google boats and your users, this will be beneficial for you.

If you want a clear answer for what is Google boats our viewing at your side, then feel free to use the URL inspection tool; this will allow you to get the correct information got the content which Google boats are viewing at your website are similar to the one which invites human user or not but if not then what is the solution for this.


In This blog post, we have mentioned the top five Google penalties, some of which you always have to stay away from. Google penalty is charged mainly by Google for these five reasons; if you understand it, you will not get the Google penalty. For these reasons, this is pretty sure. I hope you loved reading our blog post and hope you get the correct answer to your question, have a nice day. Thank you so much for visiting.