ROAS and how to boost it

What is ROAS and how to boost it?

Do you run a pay per click campaign and are searching for someone who can tell you some effective ways by which you can improve your Pay Per Click PPC campaign or group ads If you are in this field then you are a digital marketer and being a digital marketer you need to know that are you really generating a good profit from these ads or not, these ads are effective for you or not. There are numerous ways by which you can easily measure that these ads are giving you profit or not. But the most accurate and easiest way of determining that your marketing campaign or a group of ads are worth it for you or not is by measuring ROAS.  if you recently entered this industry then you should have to know, what are ROAS and simple ways to boost them. Okay, let’s discuss ROAS and in this blog, we are going to tell you everything which you need to know about ROAS. So let’s get started. ROAS is a way which will inform you, how much you are going to get from the PPC campaign when you will spend X amount in return as a profit. So, before learning how to improve returning dollars that you spent on advertising, you firstly need to know what exactly ROAS is and how it works. We have mentioned some points below, let’s dive in and learn how you can get more than you spent.

What is ROAS?

Return on ad spend (ROAS) is a strategy that most marketers use to get information about how much they are going to get for every single buck which they have invested in an ads campaign. In most of ways, the strategy and the process is very similar in ROAS return on ad spend and ROI, return on investment but there is a difference in both of them ROAS and ROI. ROI calculates the overall profit of all your digital marketing efforts which you have done for making a profit and ROAS on the other hand, used to calculate the profit for every single dollar which you spent on your ads. We hope you got a major difference. From the above paragraphs, you can easily get the answer for what is ROAS but we haven’t discussed how you can use it or how you can improve your ads campaign. Don’t you worry, now we will tell you some strategy or you can say some points by which you can boost return on ad spend, ROAS?  ROAS is really very important because it will tell you how every ad campaign is contributing to the brand’s bottom line. Without it, you cannot calculate that your ad campaign is generating profit for you or not. At last, this is for sure that ROAS will help you to gain more than you invested whether you are running a B2B business, eCommerce business, or any other type of business. Let’s have a look at the most important work points that will help you to boost your ROAS.

  1. Include a branded PPC ads campaign: – If you still have not implemented a branded PPC campaign then for what you are waiting for, you should have to do it because it will be a game-changer for you and this will boost your ROAS for your PPC ads.
  2. Add negative keywords: – Adding keywords in your ads campaign is one of the best and easiest way, it will reduce the ads spend and suddenly boost your ROAS, a negative keyword is a word which you don’t want to make visible your add when anyone searches for the sentence which contains the exact word which you have considered as a negative word. So, adding a negative keyword to your ads campaign will also boost your ROAS and improve your ads campaign automatically.
  3. Don’t rely just on the broad match: – Using a broad match in an ad campaign is a really very great way to know which particular keyword can give you higher bucks in return. So, this is also a great way to boost ROAS faster.
  4. Work for improving the quality score of your ads: – If your quality score is higher than the cost per click will become as lower as possible and your ads will always be displayed on top results. This will also improve the click-through rate by which ROAS will automatically improve.

So, here is the answer to your question, what ROAS is and how it can be a boost. We have mentioned 4 points by which you can boost your ROAS for your PPC ads campaign.